Dr Emil Carl Christian Darsow,

former president of the Qld branch of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Australia from 1910 until 1923DrEDarsow.gif
The first Australian Lutheran minister to give services in English
Born: January 19, 1856 in Potsdam, Prussia
Died: July 15, 1934, at Toowoomba, Qld - Obituaries page

Emil Darsow was ordained as pastor of the Lutheran Church, Prussia, 8.10.1882,
and as honorary Doctor of Divinity by Concordia College in 1932.
1882 Called from Prussia to Germantown, near Geelong, Victoria.
1882-93 Lutheran Minister at Castlemaine, Echuca, Gippsland, Grovedale, Melbourne
1893-1909 Lutheran Minister at Hochkirch (Tarrington)
1894-1903 Co-Editor Kirchenbote
1903-09 Editor Kirchenbote
1905-07, 1908-09 Vic District President, ELCA
1910-12 Minister at Ropely, Qld
1910-23 Qld District President, ELCA
1913 Minister at Greenwood
1913-23 itinerant pastor Qld
retired 1924
Australian Naturalisation: 1902 - Died July 1934 in Toowoomba Qld.
Buried at Toowoomba City Cemetery, QLD. 15 July 1924
- (see photos below)

Parents: Carl Ludwig Darsow of Potsdam, Prussia
and Mathilde nee Krause, Emil was the eldest of seven children.

Marriage 1: 8 Nov 1883
Married Dorothea Louise Elizabeth nee SULTMANN, daughter of August SALTMAN, and who followed him to Australia.
She was born 22 Nov 1863 in Prussia, died 31/03/1890 aged 26 possibly from typhoid fever, leaving two daughters aged 5, and 2, and a son aged 3, years.
  • Her surname spelled on her headstone as DARSON, buried at Freshwater Creek Cemetery, Geelong VIC
  • Her headstone may have been erected in World War 1 period, when German language forbidden in schools, German families interned, see: The Effects of the First World War on Australia's German-speakers -
  • Many German Australians changed their name. eg. Paul Schubert, teacher at Sturt Primary School in Adelaide, had to change his name in order to keep his job. He became Paul Stuart in 1916.)

Children of Dr Emil Darsow and Elizabeth:
1. Elizabeth Pauline Louise born 2 June 1885, married Alfred Matuschka in Qld 15 Nov 1912
2. DARSOW, Johannes Carl Otto(John) Birth : 30 APR 1887 Geelong Vic. AUS, Death : 23 AUG 1952 Horsham VIC
3. Margarethe Adelheid Ruth (Margaret Adelaide) born 1888, married Otto Arthur Waldemar Appelt in Qld 11 Dec 1912
Dr John Darsow and his step mother Jessie are pictured before attending the funeral of Dr Emil Darsow, his father.

Marriage 2Dr_Darsow-2.jpg
Married Jessie WOOLRYCH, (registered in 1891)
Children of Emil/Edward Darsow:
  1. Nathaniel Emil Edward Darsow/Darson, born 20 Aug 1892 (possibly in Hamilton, VIC) enlisted 3 Oct 1915 discharged with 'shell shock' married Mary Wilson Smith (registered in 1922). Lived at Williams Road, Windsor, Vic. Died 15-1-1954 Mary died 1962 Vic.
  2. Frances Maria Darsow born 5 April 1894 and died, 22 April 1894
  3. Marcus Ernest Johann Darsow, born 29 July 1895, in Hamilton, VIC, enlisted 6 Oct 1915, aged 21 years 2 months, employed at Hamilton, VIC, named father as Edward Darsow, (next of kin) moved to Drillham Qld. Died 13 Jan 1963
  4. Lucas Hermann Phillip Darsow, born 24 Nov 1897, never married, no children.
  5. Matthaus (Matthew) WOOLRYCH Darsow/Darson, born 23 September 1904 in Hamilton, VIC, saw military service in 1922 from Brisbane, married Agnes Mary Ellen Booty and had three daughters. Matthew died 1982, Agnes died 1975.
  6. Stephanus Darsow born 27 March 1910, also died 17 April 1910 in Qld
    The following children may not be of this family:
  7. Francis Woolrich Darsow born ? died 1963

Pastoral Conference At Ropely Queensland. February, 1914.
On January 13th (evening), and 14th, the ministers of the Queensland District of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod
in Australia, sat in conference at the parsonage, Ropely. Present were the President, Pastor E. Darsow, the Pastors
A. Appelt, Th. Gossling, Th. Lutze, A. Mueller, E. Starick, and the students C. Venz and A. Nofike,, both of Concordia
College, Adelaide. Pastors Holtermann, Mensing, and Schwartz were unavoidably absent.

Since untold blessings have accompanied the Lutheran Book Depot, under the management of Mrs. E. Darsow, Drillham,
the conference expressed the wish that the agency remain in the same place and under the same management as
heretofore. The agency has undertaken to procure, as soon as possible, quite a large number of tracts, etc., for free
distribution on the various mission fields.


Mount Kent.-On the 18th of November, after the service, during which ex-President E. Darsow
delivered a sermon, having for its keynote the unwavering loyalty to the Lutheran doctrine based
upon the Scriptures, an interesting function took place at Mount Kent when the congregation bade
farewell to ex-President Darsow. The congregation through its pastor and various members paid a
tribute to Pastor E. Darsow's work, thanked him for 'services done in the interests of the congregation,
wished him God's blessing in the future, and expressed the firm hope of meeting him again, if not in
this life, then, of a certainty, in the life to come.
Thereupon the Secretary, Bro. H. Kessler, handed over to ex-President Darsow a sum of money as a
mark of appreciation and esteem. The recipient cordially thanked the congregation for all its kindness.
A similar function was carried out in the afternoon in English.

Headington Hill.-On Sunday, the 25th of NoIvember, the congregation of Headington Hill assembled
in the Church to take leave of ex-President Darsow. The Church had been appropriately decorated
for the occasion. In the sermon, which Pastor Darsow delivered, he set forth in expressive,
,earnest, and loving words our most sacred duty of ever cleaving to God's eternal Word which abideth
forever. After the close of the sermon a quartette feelingly sang the beautiful hymn, "Der Liebe Ab-
_schiedszoll," and "Die Gnade unsers Herrn Jesu Christi." The service having been concluded, the
-congregation joined in ex-President Darsow's favorite hymn, "Lass mich geben," whereupon Pastor
Noack rose and, on behalf of the congregation, addressed the ex-President.

In his remarks the speaker drew a comparison between Pastor Darsow and the Pilgrim Fathers who, coming to the
primeval forests of America, had felled the timber, .broken up the land, and established homes for
themselves and their children. It was pointed out that what these people had done as to temporal
things, Pastor Darsow had performed in the realm of spiritual matter, as he was one of the two foremost
pioneers-the other being Pastor Nichterlein of Victoria, the fruits of whose arduous and
strenuous labours were still in evidence-who had come to Queensland to organize, build up, and
cement the Lutheran Church of Australia in the far north of our Commonwealth-in brief, to find a
permanent home for our beloved Lutheran Church in the State of Queensland.

In conclusion the speaker warmly thanked the ex-President for all services rendered to the congregation, for his visitations,
his doctrinal lectures, his valuable counsel, and his instructive sermons, and on behalf of the
congregation presented the Pastor with a cheque as a token of recognition. The elders and different
members of the congregation voiced like sentiments. The recipient of the presentation, overcome with
emotion at the kindness of the brethren-which kindness he appreciated all the more in view of the
fact that the district was still in the dread shadow of a great drought-wholeheartedly thanked the
congregation. In the afternoon similar proceedings took place in English, during which the Mount
Kent and Headington Hill choir beautifully executed the anthem, "Der Herr ist mein Hirte."
In the evening ex-President Darsow was entertained at the residence of Bro. B. Kowald by a
large number of friends, where a very pleasant evening was spent, the enjoyment of which was greatly
enhanced by musical selections and elocutionary items. And as the hour of midnight advanced, people
felt that a day which had been both profitable and delightful drew to a close all too soon. On earth,
where believers are but pilgrims and sojourners, we must bid farewell to each other; in heaven, however,
farewells shall have, no place; there will take place that great reunion of"' God's children which
shall continue for ever.

Origin of the Darsow name is from Riga, Latvia, where the family migrated to Lübeck:
"In the year 1420 a Madonna was donated by endowment of members of the Lübeck Council family Darsow, who set up Lübecker Marienkirche, with advice from Councillor Johann Darsow [2] in common with his nephews Bernhard, Gerhard and Hermann." see http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meister_der_Darsow-Madonna

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