Helene Agnes Nuske

Father: Johann Gotthard Ernst Nuske b: 26 Apr 1854 in Lobethal, South Australia, Australia d. 1940, g. Murtoa Vic
Mother: Maria Anna Pumpa b: 3 Dec 1866 in Friedensburg, South Australia, Australia a d. 1946
Born: 15/9/1887 in Murtoa, Victoria, Australia 5
Grandmother Helena nee Nuske.jpg
Helena Agnes Ruwoldt nee Nuske

Married: Percival Johann Julius Ruwoldt on 6/9/1916 in Victoria, Australia 5
Died: 16/4/1953 in Horsham, Victoria, Australia 5
Buried: Murtoa VIC 1953

"Helene Agnes and Percy farmed all their married life. Helene made butter to sell in the early days.
They lost their farm during the Depression. Percy went shearing and pickling wheat as well as working on the farms of his father and brother.
Helene sold cream and eggs and grew vegetables to keep the family fed." - from the book "Noske-Nuske Families in Australia" p 439.

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