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Johann Jochen Gottleib Frederich Ruwoldt

Died 1/7/1876 aged 69
His name is on the plaque at Meischel Park, formerly known as the Boandik Lutheran Cemetery. Meischel Park is marked on this map.
Johann Jochen Gottleib Frederich Ruwoldt was a son of Peter Ruwoldt and old brother of Johann Joachim Peter Christian Ruwoldt.


When did he arrive in Australia?

Answer from Kev Ruwoldt:

Johann Jochen (Gottlieb) Friedrich Ruwoldt
Arr 19 Dec 1855 Port Adelaide on ship Steinwarder
Occupation Mason
b 4 Jun 1807 Satow-Doberan
d 1 Jan 1876 age 69 OB Flat, Mt Gambier SA
bd Boandik Lutheran Cemetery (Plaque Mieschel Lutheran Park)
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Question: Unknown Ruwoldt buried in Pioneer Park

Source 12 indicates that there was a still born Ruwoldt male child who is burried in Pioneer Park. The death is recorded to be on 15/3/1864 and the place of death is Mount Gambier. The other two Ruwoldt's buried here are Carolina Helena Lisette Ruwoldt and Wilhelm Johann Ruwoldt. Who does this third unknown Ruwoldt belong to?

Answer from Kev Ruwoldt:

The two Ruwoldt children buried at Mieschell Park were Henrys children from his first marriage to Johanna Maria Hirth,
Their other child is Joachim Johann Heinrich Ruwoldt
d 8 Mar 1886 age 14 Mt Gambier
bd Lake Tce Cemetery
The only survivor was Maria Ruwoldt eldest of four children in Henry’s first marriage

Unknown Parents

On this page are listed early family members whose parentage is not yet discovered
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