Ralph Herbert Ruwoldt

On the Electoral Roll in WA as Ralph Herbert Ruwolt
Parents: Wilhelm Johann Heinrich Ruwoldt and Hazel Una Jacob 2
Born: 2
Married: Gwendonline Amelia Gibbs on 15/7/1939 2
Divorced: 26/6/1980 2
Died: 21/4/1996 Fremantle Hospital WA
Buried: Cremated at Northam WA, Plaque Cemetery Berverley, WA

Ralph worked on various farms but was always interested in machinery. 2

He served part of an apprenticeship as a fitter in the gold mines. 2

He worked as a maintenance fitter in Kalgoorlie until joining the A.I.F. (Australian imperial Force) in August 1943. 2

He served in the S.W.P.A. RAEME at Moratai.

After the war he took up a postion with the Commonwealth Railways June 1946 at Port Augusta as a fitter. He worked there for 10 years, transferred to Alice Springs June 1956. He transferred to the South Australian Railways September 1959 and worked at Peterborough until late 1963, then relocated to Blackwooduntil retirement in 1973. 2

He retired to Kadina in South Australia, selling up and moving back to Perth January 1976.

After his divorce he was a caretaker for various farms in the Quairading WA area finally relocating to a retirement village at BeverleyWA until his death.

Ralph and Gwen had 6 children

1. Kevin Raymond Ruwolt. b 27/07/1940 Merredin WA
2. Colin Neil Ruwoldt. b 26/07/1941 Kalgoorlie WA
3. Neville Ralph Ruwoldt. b 30/04/1945 Perth WA
4. Alan Wisby Ruwoldt. b 19/05/1951 Port Augusta SA
5. Glenys Helen Ruwoldt. b 20/08/1953 Port Augusta SA
6. Lynette Hazel Ruwoldt. b 14/11/1954 Port Augusta SA


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