Spelling of Surname "Ruwoldt"

  1. Low and High German: Platt-Deutsch or Low German, is a dialect spoken by the peasantry in North Germany from the Rhine to Pomerania, and derived from Old Saxon. The older Ruwoldts in Australia often referred to their residual knowledge of German as "Platt-Deutsch" 14. Low German was called "Platt Deutsch" (of the plains, flatlands in the North, also means 'common language')
  2. The reasons for the different spellings go back generally to the difference between Low and High German. Some pastors "translated" Low German surnames either partially or entirely into High German. For example, "Barkholdt" was turned into "Bergholdt" and "Bergholz", "Steenbuck" to "Steinbuck" and "Steinbock", etc. Source: http://www.peter-doerling.de/Englisch/Genealogy/Surnames.htm
    Claus Rowolt / Ruhwold listed in record STE9 12529
  3. The record for Achaz Rodewolt shows alternate spellings of surname derived from this historic farm property and the families who possessed it: Tönnies Rowolt had son named Johann Rodewolt
  4. Also see the three alternate spellings for the surname of Hans REWOLT on the same page. Second son Samuel **ROWOLT**, fourth son Jochim Peter RUWOLT
  5. Check the record for "RUWOLT, Barthold", where you also see generational changes in spelling. (Rowoldt)
  6. The Ende Genealogy has a note about our surname: Rowohlt, Rowold (t), Rowolt:
    "Origin name to the place name Rodewald (Lower Saxony). The emergence of this (German) loss of the D between vowels(?) in the surname clarifies the origin from Goslar of Margarete Rohewolts in the year 1621."