Wilhelm Johann Heinrich Ruwoldt

Parents: Joachim Ludwig Heinrich Ruwoldt and Sophia Maria Caroline Nietfield 2
Born: 14/10/1883 (or 1884) 2
Married: Hazel Una Jacob on 6/7/1907 at Mount Gambier 2
Married: Edith O'Shaunnesy in 1944
Died: 8/8/1965 at Albany 2
Buried: Albany 2

"William" worked on various farms at Dangin, then as a blacksmith during the first world war. 2

He bought a farm in the Busselton area. 2

He purchased a 1/4 share in a mine at Murchison. sold the farm at Busselton and purchased a garage at Reedy. 2

He retired at 70 years of age and spent the rest of his life at Albany. His second wife and son Gordon both live in Albany. 2

Children of Wilhelm Johann Heinrich Ruwoldt and Hazel Una Jacob
  1. Reginald Ruwoldt 2
  2. Gordon Leslie Ruwoldt 2
  3. Ralf Herbert Ruwoldt 2
  4. Stanley Trevor Ruwoldt 2
  5. Ivy Ruwoldt (Adopted)

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