Family history prior to coming to Australia

The Ruwoldt families generally came from Satow township or from a close-by region, in the 'State' (Duchy) of Mecklenburg, in North-East Germany, from land owned personally by the Duke (his Domanium) and which land was previously owned by the (Catholic) church monastery in Doberan township.

Third Generation back
Samuel Ruwoldt 3 ? Born: approximately 1700 in Satow-Niederhagen 3

Second Generation back
Joachim RUWOLT 3 Born: approximately 1720? died 1787?
Had four children, of whom Peter Ruwolt was the eldest, (born in June 1753). Mayor of Niederhagen (part of Satow) 3 died 1787.
Married Anna Sophia RUWOLT (when?)

First Generation back
Peter RUWOLT born in June 1753 in Satow Niederhagen, Mecklenburg Schwerin. (not the same person as “Peter Rowoldt” who was born in September 1760)
Father: Jochim (Joachim) RUWOLT died 1787.
Mother: Anna Sophia RUWOLT died after 1792.

Peter married twice, and had twelve children, the last being Johann CHRISTIAN, born 1 January 1810

First Generation
Johann Joachim Peter Christian* RUWOLT Born: 1 January 1810

Christian was from Satow in Prussia. HeSatow_lageplan.gif emigrated to South Australia with his wife, Lisette (nee Gebhard*) in 1848 with three children: Why?
Second Generation
  1. Johann Christian Carl Mathias Ruwoldt
    (11 children)
  2. Johann Joachim Ludwig Ruwoldt (John)
    (11 children)
  3. Joachim Ludwig Heinrich Ruwoldt (Henry)
    (14 children)

Third Generation: 36 Grand-Children of Christian Ruwoldt
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